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The Marketing Company that Understands Small Business!

We understand that as a small business you need to get maximum return for every dollar you invest in your marketing so we are constantly developing, testing and reviewing low cost marketing strategies.

For both your online and offline marketing we are the marketing company that can help you succeed. Our marketing consultants have both the tactical skills and real world experience you need to reach and persuade your customers quickly and cost effectively.

Working with small businesses for the last seven years has taught us to think outside the box and develop a variety of low-cost, hard hitting marketing tactics. This is why we can achieve the results that other marketing companies, advertising agencies and website companies can’t.

A versatile low-cost marketing company

Most marketing companies specialise in just one field and will try to convince you it is the only way to grow your business. As a small business you can’t afford to put all your eggs in one basket. We prefer to take a more strategic approach and help you to develop multiple marketing strategies that balance the odds in your favour.

We can help you with; Marketing Strategies, Marketing Plans, A Marketing Coach, Marketing Plan, Website Design, Website Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, A Virtual Marketing Department (outsourced marketing), Direct Marketing, Ad design, Company Branding.

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Are you ready to grow your business?

To find out which marketing strategies are most likely to see you achieving your business growth goals we recommend you begin with a business marketing analysis.

Your marketing analysis will highlight the areas of greatest opportunity and show you simple steps you can take to increase your sales immediately.

I know a lot of marketing companies claim to offer a free consultation but in reality they don’t give away anything for free they are merely reeling you in to sell you something. So rather than waste your time with an hour long sales pitch we prefer to show you first hand how we can help you grow your business so at the completion of every marketing analysis we give you a powerful marketing strategy that you can implement straight away to see your profits soar.

Your investment for a full hour jam-packed with vital information from an experienced marketing consultant is only $297 and is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. In other words if at the completion of the meeting you are not 100% convinced that it was the best $297 you’ve ever spent –then it’s FREE! 


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